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0006080ardourfeaturespublic2014-12-19 06:32
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Summary0006080: Should editor mixer strip width follow selected track's mixer strip width?
DescriptionArdour version: 3.5.403

Somewhat following on from bug 0004512, I'm wondering whether the width of the editor mixer strip should follow the width of the corresponding strip in the mixer window. It currently does, but my first impression of it is that as one clicks on tracks in the editor window whose widths vary in the mixer window, everything to the right of the strip kind of bounces around, shifting left and right as the width of the selected track changes. If there's a use-case that makes this desirable, great - otherwise I'd like to propose using a consistent width in the editor -- initially wide (or maybe using the value of "always use narrow mixer strips"), but then keeping whatever the user last chose in that window, and ignoring the width for the same track in the mixer window.

For me, I think that if I select a track in the editor, I don't really care that I've made it narrow in the mixer; I don't mind seeing it in wide mode in the editor - there's no advantage to showing it narrow there, and everything else shifting around seems annoying. Similarly, if I've made it narrow in the editor window to save a little space, I don't think I'd want it showing any tracks wide. But maybe I haven't experienced the current behaviour enough to appreciate it.
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