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0006067ardourbugspublic2014-12-08 10:57
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Summary0006067: Using ardour mixer output level crashes ARDOUR
DescriptionKubuntu 14.10, Ardour 3.5.340

 - 1 stereo audio track
 - 3 midi instrument tracks using ZynAddSubFx
 - 1 midi instrument track using drumgizmo

When I try to change an output level (any midi or audio, or even master) using the ardour mixer, Ardour crashes totally, and sometimes to crash my KDE desktop (can't click anymore on buttons in dektop panel). I'm still able to switch on another TTY (CTRL-ALT-F5), which is working.
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2014-12-08 10:57


bug_ardour2.png (76,791 bytes)   
bug_ardour2.png (76,791 bytes)   

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