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0006063ardourbugspublic2014-12-07 17:44
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Summary0006063: Protection against non-existant export directory
DescriptionI am running kxstudio 14.04 using jack1 and Ardour-3.5.3840-dbg.

Try to write flac file, and accidentally put in the name of a non-existent export directory, typed directly in text box. Ardour should check that this directory exists, because it tried to export and then gave this crash which it took me a while to figure out:

[ERROR] Export ended unexpectedly: Exception thrown by
  - Dynamic type: AudioGrapher Exception
  - whatd(): Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::SndfileWriter<int>:
  Could not write data to output file (Not a valid SNDFILE* pointer.)

Also in the export directory a file named "HJQHQX" which the file program identifies as data. Not a problem, but a bit cryptic.
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