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0006049ardourbugspublic2014-12-28 23:34
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Summary0006049: Buggy behaviour when importing midi file
DescriptionUsing Ardour-3.5.403-dbg I'm getting buggy behaviour when importing a midi file that has multiple channels in it. I'm trying to get each channel on its own track. Initially things look ok after importing but after saving and re-opening the project, the tracks are messed up.I recorded a little screencrab video showing this behaviour:
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2014-12-01 20:20


Cavatina.mid (11,637 bytes)   


2014-12-01 20:20

reporter   ~0016009

Attached the midi file in question to the ticket...


2014-12-28 23:34

developer   ~0016131

Thanks for the detailed report.

With the current version (3.5-4112-g4973ddc) I am unable to reproduce: importing the attached MIDI file with one track per channel, saving, closing, and reloading that session, results in the tracks having the same contents as before the save.

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