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0005988bugs2018-11-29 11:29
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Summary0005988: Deleting plugin or track causes all midi bindings to be reset
DescriptionI encountered a reproducible case of midi bindings loss, which is I think not the correct behavior: deleting a track or plugin triggers a midi bindings reset (the <Controls> section gets simply deleted from the .ardour file).
This is quite annoying as it takes a while to remap everything. Midi bindings should ideally be considered user data and plugin addition/deletion be handled more gracefully.

Workaround: Pasting back from a backup file the <Controls> section seems to restore all mappings.

It doesn't seem to make any difference if the Control Surface remote ID is assigned by user or not.
Additional InformationSystem: Arch Linux x86_64
Ardour 3.5.403 (built from revision 3.5-403-gec2cb31
Tags3.5.403, control, Midi



2014-10-19 15:05

reporter   ~0015935

Same here, using the same version. Thanks for the workaround, will save me a lot of time :)


2018-11-29 11:29

reporter   ~0020492

It doesn't look like anyone is going to lose sleep over this one after 4+ years, so I'm closing it. Also it doesn't happen anymore as of 5.12

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