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0005930ardourbugspublic2017-03-21 11:32
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Product Version5.3 
Summary0005930: Preference "Play Loop is a Transport Mode" doesn't work properly
Descriptionwhen using "play loop is a transport mode" it is possible that audio bits of the loop range appear/can be heard outside of the range.
Additional Informationhow to reproduce:

-create new session, add 1 track, add one region
-set ardour sync to internal
-set preference "play loop is a transport mode"
-define loop range on the region, set loop active
-roll (inside loop, loop is playing)
-set loop inactive while rolling ("l")
 -playhead drives out of loop range
 -playhead drives beyond region end (-> no more audio to play / silent)
-set loop active again while still rolling ("l")
-> audio that corresponds to the loop range is played again
-> at that time playhead is *not* in loop range and *not* on any region

this basically breaks the main idea of loop as a mode since it's not possible atm to switch loop active/inactive while rolling (without having the described effect)
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has duplicate 0006987 new Loop state can sometimes become unsyncronized for audio/gui 



2014-05-16 06:24

reporter   ~0015787

this only happens when seamless loop is enabled


2014-05-19 09:53

developer   ~0015795

I can confirm the strange behavior you describe. This mode is only on the cairocanvas branch though right? perhaps it is work in progress.


2014-05-20 23:42

reporter   ~0015797

timbyr, thanks for confirming.
correct, that's in cairocanvas branch. it ought to be the new "master" isn't it?


2016-09-19 08:55

developer   ~0018685

This is still an issue in 5.3

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