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0005867ardourbugspublic2014-02-23 13:49
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005867: Constant shuttle play shows cursor at last start position until playhead passes start position
DescriptionIn stop (not playing) mode, note the position of the playback cursor (1).
Press play to start playback.
Press stop to pause playback.
Select slow rewind speed with shuttle control.
>Play cursor display jumps to original start position (1).
>Playback operates as expected.
>When playback passes the original start position (1) or the speed of playback is further adjusted, correct playback position is displayed.
Additional InformationI observed this whilst interfacing a jog/shuttle controller via OSC but this is easy to replicate by clicking on the left of the the shuttle control and _not_ moving the mouse. This triggers a constant rewind speed which triggers the issue. (Changes to playback speed will clear issue.)
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