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0005844ardourfeaturespublic2014-01-28 19:31
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Summary0005844: fader strip width is sub-optimal for large channel numbers in track
Descriptioncurrently, the layout of the fader strip is designed such that the strip is split into two columns of equal width. the left holds the fader, and the right half has all the meters. when using 3rd order ambisonics or higher, this means 16 meters and leads to an unnecessarily wide mixer strip (see attached screenshot). even the compact version is still huge.

it would be nice to use some of the space on the fader side for meters in this special case.
Steps To Reproducecreate a session with 16ch master, add a mono track, meter post-fader.
Additional Informationthere is a workaround: use custom metering post-fader, but pre-panner (works only if you are using a panner plugin).
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2014-01-28 18:57


fat channel.jpg (52,726 bytes)   
fat channel.jpg (52,726 bytes)   


2014-01-28 19:15

manager   ~0015638

doh. rgareus just pointed out to me that the narrow version handles the case neatly - i must have missed it. would it be feasible to use this layout for the wide strip as well, or does that mess up the looks of the more common usecases?


2014-01-28 19:31

manager   ~0015639

rgareus> nettings: I suppose we could try sth, if channel-count > X, break the colums
<rgareus> nettings: I suppose the green audio-output ports look funny in narrow more.
<rgareus> s/more/mode/
<nettings> rgareus, you mean in the processor list? no, they look fine. very useful btw, thanks heaps.
<rgareus> nettings: as soon as there's more than ~ 6 dots, I think they're not easy to count.
<nettings> rgareus, the way it renders here, breaking the columns would begin to make sense at Nch > 4
<nettings> rgareus, i don't normally need to count them. it's just reassuring that ardour lets me know if it does implicit routing magic.
<nettings> rgareus, makes it easier to figure out when ardour is duplicating channels implicitly.
<rgareus> nettings: I think we can do the maths on that. narrow meter is (3px+2 border) * Nch and the fader has a fixed girth.
<rgareus> nettings: I'll hack it up one of the next days. The 'problem' to be solved is the layout then [also] depends on channel-count and needs to change if channels are added/removed.
<rgareus> nettings: right now, the layout only changes when a user presses a button.

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