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Summary0005818: OSX.8.5 Audio MIDI setup 16 bit question

sorry if it's to much off topic...

I'm using the RME UCX on Mac OSX 8.5 + Ardour( latest beta) -thanks again for your great work.
I've done the lnewest RME driver update. In the past, I could change 32 bit to 16 bit in Mac Audio MIDI setup to route the signal in the KDFX of a Kurzxeil K 2500 ( coax digit In Out. After this update, it's no more possible, even if I downgrade… RME techs say if another signal above 16 bit ( 20,24,32…) is sent to the K2500, what's outside the 16 is ignored… but I never could send another thing, only 16 bit…I'm waiting for RME's new answer….
and all worked fine until this download of the latest driver…
something is lost somewhere, but I don't know ....

Thanks for your ideas
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2014-01-12 09:12

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could bring things to work again


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