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0005817ardourfeaturespublic2014-01-10 11:48
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Summary0005817: Add option to store imported sound clips as FLAC files
DescriptionImported sound clips are stored as WAV files in a subfolder of the current Ardour project folder. When a large amount of recorded material is imported, the disk space used grows quite considerably (and there are, by implication, always at least two copies of every recording file).

For systems with enough spare CPU to handle the extra processing, it would be of considerable benefit to have the option to save the internal files using compressed FLAC format instead of uncompressed WAV format.

If FLAC compression/decompression adds a significant CPU load, this new feature would need to be optional, so that those for whom performance is critical can opt for faster but larger WAV files. Conversely, those Ardour users with plenty of spare CPU could opt for the more compact format offered by FLAC.
Additional InformationCompared with uncompressed files, compressed files increase the necessary CPU load, but can *reduce* the IO load. Therefore there may be IO benefits for anyone using FLAC files if their CPU is meaty but their disk is not very fast.
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