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0005816ardourbugspublic2014-01-09 21:52
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Product Version3.0 beta5 
Summary0005816: Feedback bug from MIDI to audio on OSX Beta
DescriptionI've been getting a bug where using a virtual instrument on a MIDI track seems to be causing some sort of bleed between audio tracks, where one of my sound files is played at a different sample rate (causes the sound file to be 2 octaves higher) at an overloaded gain when I try to play through the session. Deleting the MIDI track seems to resolve the issue, but adding a new MIDI track causes the issue to reoccur. I've tripled checked all of my routing and there doesn't seem to be any feedback source.

Succinctly: Having MIDI in a MIDI track causes a sound file used in one (the first?) audio track to play at a different sample rate and much higher gain through a second audio track (in this case the one immediately before the MIDI track) when play-through of the session is started (regardless of position in the timeline).
Additional InformationOS: Mac OSX 10.9
Ardour: version 3.5.74 (built from 3.5-74-g8c2cc85)

Track Order:

Audio Track 1 (problem sound file used in this track)
Audio Track 2
Audio Track 3
Audio Track 4 (Sound file played incorrectly on this track when play is started)
MIDI Track 1 (using East West QL Play virtual instrument)
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