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Summary0005813: Multiple sessions overwrite each other under same project
DescriptionI'm not sure what "block" means, exactly, but I take it that this is the highest severity - and I think it is, since session data is being lost, and nothing is more important than session data.

I filed another bug in which I mentioned this issue; however, I'm reporting it separately because it really deserves its own bug report and should not be lumped in with anything else.

When I work with a project that has multiple sessions, opening a "remix" session sometimes overwrites the "main" session. This means opening the "main" session shows the "remix" session. I have to restore the "main" session from a backup.

I have started manually making backups of each session (including sub-sessions) before quitting Ardour for this reason. This is not a bad practice anyway, but nevertheless, data integrity is compromised by Ardour somehow.

This has happened on more than one version. I'm currently using 3.5.143 (not listed in the "Product Version" drop-down). This also happened with the last main release before this version, too.

Let me describe the scenario in detail:

1. Start a new project. Let's call it "My Song".
2. Work on project.
3. Decide to create a remix. Session -> Save As a different session name in the same session folder. Let's call this "My Song Remix".
4. Work on remix.
5. Quit Ardour, shut off computer, etc., come back later, start up computer, start Ardour, and open "My Song Remix" as the first order of business. At this point, you see in the open session dialog that "My Song" contains two sessions, "My Song" and "My Song Remix".
6. Work on "My Song Remix". Want to check something in "My Song", Session -> Recent -> select "My Song".
7. Ardour now says you are looking at "My Song", but what you are really seeing is "My Song Remix".

So far, this has happened when I've opened "My Song Remix" before opening "My Song", and this behavior is unpredictable - meaning sometimes it happens and sometimes not.

I know you guys have your priorities, but I would think making sure session data remains intact should be the number one priority.
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2014-01-08 19:25

reporter   ~0015557

Interestingly enough, I've not had the "main" session overwrite a "remix" session. I hope that helps you guys figure this out.


2014-01-08 21:44

administrator   ~0015558

Have you read this:

specifically the description of the difference between "Save As" and "Snapshot" ?

I also suspect there is the potential for which snapshot gets used when you click on a session name at the top level of the recent session list to be random, versus if you expand the session name to see all available snapshots.

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