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0005804ardourbugspublic2014-01-02 05:57
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005804: Track PFL/AFL buttons are non-functional in session created from template
DescriptionVersion: 3.5.14, 3.5.143

Steps to reproduce:

 1: Start ardour3 and create a new session. Enable the monitor section if it isn't already, open the mixer window, and put the monitor in PFL mode. (This was the default for me, perhaps because I'd set it that way in a previous session.)
 2: Add a track, and record or import some audio if desired. (Issue is reproducible without any region in the track.)
 3: Save the session and quit. (Quitting may not be necessary either; haven't tried just closing.)
 4: Start ardour3 again, open the same session, make no changes but save a template from it, then quit.
 5: Start ardour3 again, create a new session, using the template saved in the previous step.
 6: Add some (more) audio to the track if you like. (Also not necessary.)
 7: As expected, the monitor section should still be included in the mixer window, and PFL mode should be selected. Hovering over the PFL button on the track turns it to a lighter shade of gray, but clicking it has no discernible effect -- it should light up green and I should hear pre-fade audio through the monitor. Same issue with AFL button in AFL mode. Solo button in SIP mode works fine however.

I found a simple work-around: Go to Session > Properties > Monitoring, turn the monitor section off and back on again. After saving the session, I diff'd the .ardour files, and I see many new lines added, starting with:

<Route id="21301" name="monitor" default-type="audio" flags="MonitorOut" active="yes" phase-invert="00"
denormal-protection="no" meter-point="MeterPostFader" meter-type="MeterPeak" order-keys="EditorSort=7:MixerSor
t=7" self-solo="no" soloed-by-upstream="0" soloed-by-downstream="0" solo-isolated="no" solo-safe="no">
Additional InformationOriginally posted on the forum -
(I'm only now getting around to opening a bug report...)
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