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0005800ardourfeaturespublic2013-12-27 19:35
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Summary0005800: handle nonexistent plugins in a better way
DescriptionWhenever I move a project to an other Ardour 3 box of mine I get small or big problems due to some plugins only existed on one of my boxes. I can try to parse the log and determine what was different or I could keep a document with all settings and plugins used to be able to cope with the changes.

A better way would be if Ardour could place grayed out place holder icons in the mixer with the name of the plugin so one can easily get a view of whats missing. Now, one gets no clear view of that and some bus reverb tracks have no plugins which is difficult to track down.
Additional InformationI understand that plugins change the routing and this can be difficult or even impossible due to that but maybe something between, like a Summary popping up telling what plugins was missing on what track.

This is just suggestions and I hope others can chime in and give their point of view.
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