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0005788ardourbugspublic2013-12-13 18:42
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005788: Odd MIDI playback stop/mute bug.
DescriptionPlayback of MIDI tracks sometimes stops randomly at various points.

The bug happens when:
-Starting from the beginning of the region
-Starting from a "rather far" point in the time-line

The bug doesn't happen when:
-Starting from a point rather close to very close to the bug point on the time-line

The bug is fixed when:
-Scrubbing manually to a point further or earlier, MIDI starts working again

In the attached session file, the bug occurs at this message (gotten from jack_midi_dump) that is around 1 min 07s :
0: 80 31 40 note off (channel 0): pitch 49, velocity 64

Note: the clips are drums but the midi map is slightly tweaked. It's made for Superior Drummer 2.0.

It seems this bug likes to play hide and seek, as I cleaned up the session folder and restarted the session in Ardour, it had changed its place !

Happy fixing and thanks a lot
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2013-12-13 18:42


exampleMIDIbugsession.tar (245,760 bytes)

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