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0005779ardourbugspublic2013-11-30 14:13
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Summary0005779: Track name in plugin window doesn't always update to reflect a renamed track, unless restarted
DescriptionIf you change the name of a track, it doesn't always show up on the plugins window until you restart the plugin/session, eg. renaming a track "guitar" will still show "audio 1" in the plugin window, until restarted.

At first I thought that this was with every LV2 plugin but it doesn't appear to be, however, it is the case with most LV2 plugins I have tested this with (LinuxDSP, Robin's plugins, Harrison's plugins). This doesn't appear to be an issue with LADSPA or LinuxVST plugins.

Behaviour -

Create a track and add an LV2 plugin
Rename the track
Whether the plugin was opened or closed, the plugin window won't update until plugin is restarted/session is restarted.

I've marked this as always reproducible. While it doesn't happen with every plugin, it is consistent with the ones that are affected by the issue.
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