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0005764ardourfeaturespublic2013-11-09 17:21
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Summary0005764: track names behave inconsistently between editor an mixer views
DescriptionCurrently (version 3.5.74), when the mouse hovers over a track name in the editor view, the bubble tip text reads "Track/Bus name (double click to edit)".
It would be much better if it contained the full name for the track, as in the mixer view.
Maybe the track names in the editor and mixer views could be made to look and behave similarly. In the mixer view they look like buttons and show a menu with a left click, which is annoying, while in the editor view the look flat and are just selected with a single click, renamed with a double click, and show the menu with the right click.
IMO the best behavior is the editor one, but the hint on hover should be fixed.
Additional InformationThe "Product version" menu in the Mantis form shows "3.0" as the most recent releaseā€¦
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