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0005754ardourbugspublic2014-02-01 21:35
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Summary0005754: Filtering MIDI input channels
Forgive my pitiful English :) (i'm french)

I have a problem in regards to filtering MIDI channels on the MIDI track inputs.

I tried to choose the midi channel with the "Chns" button but it turns out that the signal is duplicated the same on all the midi track.

The only plugin that allows me to filter the tracks is "linuxsampler" options that give access to the choice of MIDI channels.
Additional InformationThis figure shows two tracks set to a different channel to receive two external keyboards (also set on two different channels 1 and 2).

The linuxsamper plugin allows it to filter entries without problem
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2013-10-28 17:25

administrator   ~0015469

> The only plugin that allows me to filter the tracks is "linuxsampler".

Not quite true, there's (available in debian and derived distros from the x42-plugins package).

That being said, the ardour built-in channel handling may need some rework.


2013-10-29 10:53

reporter   ~0015470

Not really what I wanted to say is that I can not choose the MIDI input channel MIDI track.

By selecting against the channel from the graft linuxsampler around the problem but I can not do on other plugins (which I use).

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