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0005741ardourfeaturespublic2013-10-22 14:11
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Summary0005741: piano keyboard and note lines only on top of stacked region layout
DescriptionWhen using stacked region layout in midi tracks the piano keyboard and relative note lines appear just on the top of the track. When having complex overlapping layouts it becomes almost impossible know at first sight which notes are written, the only way is to switch to note edit mode, hover on the note and read the tooltip. Same problem with editing, one can read the notes in the tooltip, but that's not a comfortable way to write tracks. See the track "miditrack-1" on left in the attached image.
It is still possible to change the order of the region, but it has to be done in the right order and sometimes it just becomes a logic game in which one has to anticipate the behaviour of the other regions and finally allow the wanted region on the top, but after a lot of clicks and sub-menu.
Maybe it could be better to just let the keyboard "follow" the mouse editing process (show the keyboard in the right region space when the mouse is over it, when in edit mode) and leave the lines always active.
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2013-10-22 14:07


ardour_midi_overlap1.png (94,685 bytes)   
ardour_midi_overlap1.png (94,685 bytes)   


2013-10-22 14:10

reporter   ~0015434

In the second attached image you can see the miditrack-1 on top, finally readable and editable in a comfortable way, I had to put the track no. 5 on top of the others and the no. 3 at the bottom, but sometimes when overlapping happens on long tracks it's almost impossible to predict the final behaviour.

2013-10-22 14:11


ardour_midi_overlap2.png (92,918 bytes)   
ardour_midi_overlap2.png (92,918 bytes)   

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