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0005733ardourbugspublic2013-12-29 11:01
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Summary0005733: Ardour 3.5 won't open pre-v3.5 sessions when started by NSM
DescriptionWhen NSM instructs Ardour 3.5 to open any pre-v3.5 ardour session the following error message is displayed:

Could not create session in "/media/Audio/NSM Sessions/TestSession/Ardour.nHGUT"

No matter how many times the "OK" button is clicked the message won't go away.

However, it is possible to create new NSM sessions which include Ardour 3.5. These sessions can be re-opened without issue.
Additional InformationTested on AVLinux 6.0.1
NSM 1.9.4 (GIT 20130923)
Tags3.5, 3.5.14, 3.5.143, NSM



2013-10-20 11:50

reporter   ~0015414

It is possible to create new NSM sessions which include Ardour 3.5, but not quite without issue as stated above.

A dialogue is displayed with a drop-down menu to select buffer size. A warning message reads:

"The JACK audio backend was configured and started externally. This limits your control over it"

Ardour should really just use the buffer size already configured by JACK.

After clicking OK an error message is displayed stating that the session could not be created, but after clicking OK the message goes away and Ardour appears.

When re-opening the NSM session the buffer size dialogue and the error pop-up are always displayed.

2013-10-20 11:52


Audio-MIDI Setup_001.png (18,690 bytes)   
Audio-MIDI Setup_001.png (18,690 bytes)   

2013-10-20 11:52


Untitled window_003.png (9,186 bytes)   
Untitled window_003.png (9,186 bytes)   


2013-10-22 01:25

reporter   ~0015429

I think the problem is that Ardour is suddenly unable to open projects when there is a whitespace in the path (which would be the case if your session is saved under "NSM Sessions"). At least that's the case on my system. Escaping the whitespace or wrapping the path in quotes don't work either.


2013-10-31 11:55

reporter   ~0015472

I tried removing white space from path names but the issue persists. Old (pre-Ardour3.5) sessions still can't be opened and 3.5 sessions still display the setup dialogue/warning. This is using Ardour 3.5.14


2013-12-29 10:59

reporter   ~0015523

It seems that, when started by NSM, Ardour 3.5 expects the folder containing the Ardour session to hold files named Ardour.ardour and Ardour.history, whereas Ardour 3.4 would add the NSM session ID to the names, e.g. Ardour.nAEQS.ardour and Ardour.nAEQS.history. Renaming these files and editing Ardour.ardour so the name in the 2nd line reads:


instead of:


solves the problem!

Tested on latest release Ardour 3.5.143. The JACK config dialogue issue is no longer present.

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