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Summary0005731: Lack of distinction between opaque and non opaque regions/layers - Ideas
DescriptionIf you are working with opaque and non opaque layers, particularly in stacked mode, there are two things that I believe can make the workflow confusing. Greyed out region areas and the fact that there is no way of telling opaque and non opaque layers apart.

In stacked mode, regions are always greyed out by the region above them. This can be confusing as it could give the user the impression that all top layers block out audio from the layers below them, yet this isn't the case if the top layer is opaque. Also, the lack of the visual distinction between these two modes, opaque and non opaque, can be confusing as you might lose track in a large session of which layers are set to opaque and which aren't.

I understand that greyed out areas aren't always blocked out as you can apply fades to above layers and these will apply opposite fades on the layers below. Taking that into account, maybe it would be better to just give a distinction to regions that are set to opaque and retain the greyed out areas? This would allow you to, at a glance, know which layers are opaque and which aren't, so you can more quickly work with your regions.

Also, should the opaque box be unticked by default if regions/layers are not opaque by default. Seems the wrong way around. It gives the impression that they are already opaque.
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2013-10-17 09:29


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