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0005695ardourbugspublic2013-09-21 17:19
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Summary0005695: 'Stop and forget capture' only forgets MIDI capture
DescriptionOSX Ardour 3.3 (built from revision 3.3-180-g1d972d0)

When recording on an audio track and a MIDI track, choosing 'Stop and forget capture' from the Transport menu only deletes the MIDI capture. The audio capture remains.

Choosing 'Undo (capture)' from the Edit menu after that deletes the audio capture too.
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2013-09-21 17:19

reporter   ~0015340

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There does seem to be an issue here. I am not having the exact same issue as you but it is similar. I am using the latest build of Ardour (3.4-166-g461f94a at time of this post). What I have noticed is that that stopping the transport after recording will keep an audio region but delete a midi region. This sounds the same, however, i am not using 'Stop and forget capture'. This happens with "start/stop". I am using the space bar for that but it has nothing to do with the key bindings as I have observed the same issue with using the transport buttons.

EDIT: I just realised my issue is a non issue. When I saw this report initially, I wanted to try it out myself to see if i could replicate it and came up with my observation. I did it without recording any midi information, to which ardours default action is to delete it if nothing has been entered. I can't believe I never noticed this before, i suppose cause i always record midi data to a track. I mistook it as an issue but just realised it isn't so please disregard the above post :)

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