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0005694ardourbugspublic2013-09-21 07:39
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Summary0005694: One right click on outputs button in mixerstrip reassigns outputs to "monitor"
DescriptionOSX Ardour 3.3 (built from revision 3.3-180-g1d972d0)

Upon just a light right-click on the outputs button (downmost button in a mixerstrip), the current output assignments are reset to just "monitor".

What happens now:
1. I right click the button
2. a (contextual?) pop up menu appears with the mouse pointer hovering over the last entry (reading "monitor in")
3. I release the button
4. menu disappears and all outputs of that track are reassigned to "monitor in"

What should happen (desirably):
1. I right click the button
2. a (contextual?) pop up menu appears, but no entry is selected
3. I release the button
4. the menu stays, allowing me to check current settings, or to reassign output by clicking an entry
5. the menu closes by either clicking an entry or by clicking outside of it.
Additional InformationI filed it under "bugs - trivial", not "features", since I think this is just User Interface behaving not the way it should, IMHO.
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