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0005689ardourbugspublic2014-01-22 22:03
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005689: Midi Learn and Midi Bindings do not work together
DescriptionWhen Preferences/Control Surfaces/Generic Midi/Midi Bindings is not set to "Reset all" (e.g. it is set to "M-Audio Axiom 25 - Transport Controls"), then all controls assigned via the midi learn functionality are not saved and restored with the session. That is, while the session is open I can use midi learn to assign controls to faders, plugin parameters, etc, and it works. However, after saving, closing and reopening the session these assigned controls are lost. It does not matter whether those midi controls are actually used in the midi bindings file (e.g. "") or not, they are never saved and restored. Use cases: The midi bindings file only maps a part of the controls (e.g. only the transport control buttons, but not the rotary encoders); multiple midi controllers.

This is with Ardour 3.3 on Ubuntu 13.04 from the KxStudio repositories.
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2014-01-22 22:03

reporter   ~0015607

confirming this is also an issue on ardour 3.5.143

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