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0005688ardourbugspublic2013-09-16 15:12
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Summary0005688: Record only selected channels does not work
Description- I have a midi keyboard split in two parts. Lower part sends notes on channel 4 and upper part on channel 5.
- In Ardour I select "Record only selected channels" and set the channel to 4.

RESULT: Ardour still records all notes on that track, whether they come on channel 4 or 5.
The Midi trace dialog shows that the split is correctly configured. This is also confirmed by the region recorded, where notes correctly belong to channel 4 and 5.
The problem is that there should be no notes from channel 5 in that region.
Additional InformationThere is also a weird behavior with the color of the notes. When "Play only selected channels" is selected, some notes get color and others are "shadowed", but this does not reflect the channels selected below. For example, I can have channel 4 selected for playback in the dialog and still see the notes of channel 5 highlighted and those of channel 4 shadowed. This is just a matter of display and may be a hint for the above problem too. The playback is correctly limited to one or another channel according to the setting in the dialog.

This is on Ardour 3.4 downloaded from
Please find attached a minimal session where I could reproduce this from the start.
I can build and test from svn if required.
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2013-09-15 11:58


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