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Summary0005663: Data Corruption: Import of 2.8.16 project to Ardour 3.x
DescriptionImporting 2.8.16 (and probably other 2.x) projects with a dash in their names into Ardour 3.x, and then use of those projects, results in data corruption. THIS IS SEPARATE TO THE DATA LOSS BUG I ALSO REPORTED.

Fundamental scenario: Import a 2.x project. Record additional material to existing tracks on a new playlist on that track. Save and exit. Load again: Ardour will present file conflict resolution dialogues, showing identical filenames located in different subdirectories of the same project, requiring you to choose one. THE FILES ARE DIFFERENT, NOT DUPLICATES; THEY ARE IN FACT UNRELEATED DATA.

Also, the cached waveform graphics will be correct for one option, and wrong for the other, but will be applied regardless of user choice.

Here is an example 2.x project I just constructed:

Open with Ardour 3.3.

The sound files recorded with Ardour 2.x will be in this directory:

~/test-2x/interchange/test_2x (note the underscore)

The project is already set up to let you record from the existing song onto the "sbounce" track. Enable record on sbounce, enable master record, hit play, hit stop; repeat five times. This will create five NEW short snippets of recorded material.

All the sound files which have thus been created will be in THIS directory:

~/test-2x/interchange/test-2x (note the dash)

ls the contents of that directory. NOTE THAT THE NEW FILES ARE NUMBERED STARTING AT 1, and that their file numbers increment from there.

RESULT: _identically named sound files_, which have _different_ contents. For example:

ORIGINAL (recorded in 2.8.16):
kahvi@kahvi:~/test-2x/interchange$ ls -l test_2x/audiofiles/sbounce-5%L.wav
-rw-r--r-- 1 kahvi kahvi 2078776 Aug 16 16:52 test_2x/audiofiles/sbounce-5%L.wav

SURPRISE DUPLICATE FILENAME (recorded in 3.3.0 via the above method):
kahvi@kahvi:~/test-2x/interchange$ ls -l test-2x/audiofiles/sbounce-5%L.wav
-rw-r--r-- 1 kahvi kahvi 366648 Aug 16 18:11 test-2x/audiofiles/sbounce-5%L.wav

When the user next attempts to load the project, the user will be presented with a file conflict resolution dialogue, forcing the user to pick one. The other, unpicked file will be inaccessible to the user through the UI. Depending upon the user's choice, the waveform graphic may not match.

Data loss (via inaccessibility); data corruption; severity major.
Additional InformationSuggested resolutions:

1. Imported projects affected by the 2.x underscore bug should be saved to NEW projects in the same directory, with a new name. Warn the user FIRST, allow user to specify project name and to cancel.

Alternatively (much less good):

2. Imports for these projects should be disabled, with a pointer to a help page explaining why, and how to import their data to a new project.

Alternatively (also less good):

3. Make imported projects affected by this bug functionally read-only in Ardour 3.x. Disable ALL recording and importing, but allow export. Link to explanation and page explaining how to import their data to a new project.
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