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0005647ardourbugspublic2013-08-18 19:25
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005647: when using WAV instead of W64, long audio files cause unpredictable behavior
Descriptionnamely, the data will sometimes be playable and sometimes not, and when zoomed in to a certain point in the editor window, FFding to end or REWing to beginning of session will cause ardour to segfault.

perhaps the transport could be made to stop recording after a certain number of hours if not using wav. also, w64 might be a good choice as a default format.
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2013-08-15 15:34

administrator   ~0015259

what is "long" in your test cases?


2013-08-17 22:12

reporter   ~0015274

I have an am/fm hooked into my rack and often just let it roll overnight for kicks and to keep me in a daily routine of messing with Ardour. 3-12 hours.


2013-08-18 18:32

reporter   ~0015275

Follow the instructions on this page, so you can include debugging information that can help the developers to see whats going on under the hood and hopefully get the the cause.


2013-08-18 19:25

reporter   ~0015276

one of the easier to state examples: after three hours of recording, when using 'wav' (the default) the file appears to have data, and does, until you save and reload. then, all the data past three hours is turned to silence.

understanding the limits of 'wav', this is not too far deviated from expected behavior. and files of time under the 3 hour limit appear to do just fine and cause no crashing or data loss. probably the quick fix is to make w64 the default; and offer a warning when/if they switch to regular wav format that projects of long time duration may have problems.

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