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0005646ardourfeaturespublic2013-08-09 11:05
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Summary0005646: Consolidate the rename and comment windows into one window
DescriptionI think it would make sense to consolidate the rename and comment windows into one.

Idea - Clicking on the track name would show the first option as "rename and comment". This would open up a new consolidated "rename and comment" window which would allow you to change the name of the track and add a comment, all in one go. It could also have previous and next buttons that would allow you to jump to adjacent tracks to edit their names and comments.

Currently, if I want to rename multiple tracks and add comments, by using the channel strips drop down menu, I would have to keep revisiting this menu over and over again for each rename and each comment.

Scenario - You have 10 tracks and want to rename and comment each track from the mixer window. You would have to go to the drop down menu 20 times to do this. Even if the mixer strip comment button is enabled, you would still have to click on each comment button individually. Consolidating them would cut the work in half and additional previous and next buttons would mean you could do all your renaming and commenting from one window. No opening and closing, revisiting menus, etc.

Either an asterisk or slightly dimming the colour of the track name button could indicate whether it has a comment or not. This would probably make the optional mixer strip comment button obsolete but would decrease the amount of steps needed to carry out renaming and commenting and would be less fragmented than it currently is.
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rename and comment menu.png (10,830 bytes)   

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