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Summary0005645: No control over lossy bitrates.
DescriptionFor users coming from other applications (such as Audacity), the lack of control over vorbis' (and other lossy codecs') encoding bitrates can be one of ardours shortcomings. In certain use-cases, (for instance, mine: converting cassette tapes), the hard-coded bitrate of 128kbps not suitable. Keeping with the idea of converting cassettes, there simply is not a high enough Signal-to-Noise ratio to warrant excess use of storage space attributed to the hard-coded bitrate.

With these things in mind, I would like to suggest the implementation of basic bitrate control for the lossy codecs.

In the meantime for reference, the best way around this issue is exporting a project as a lossless file then importing that into transcoding software with more user control. Audacity, VLC and oggenc (for ogg) are examples of such software.
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