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0005624ardourbugspublic2013-09-10 19:27
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005624: Time stretch and transpose doesn't work
DescriptionArdour 3 distorts nearly every region I try to time-stretch or transpose. This bug is reported with Ardour 3.2 but the same behaviour has been in every Ardour 3 version I've tried (from alphas and betas to stable ones). If needed, I can try to reproduce these with newest 3.3 version.
Additional Informationkonsuli_loop_F.7.wav is the original file I imported to Ardour 3 (via drag and drop).
konsuli_loop_F.3@112.wav is a result of transposing original 2 semitones up.
konsuli_loop_F.4@135.wav is time stretched slower than original with time-stretch tool. Used first option for "contents". Maybe it was "unpitched percussion with stable notes".
konsuli_loop_F.5@79.wav was time-stretched faster than original, using "crisp monophonic instrumental".
konsuli_loop_F.6@70.wav was time-stretched same way, but with option "unpitched solo percussion".
konsuli_loop_F.7@135.wav was time stretched slower than original with time-stretch tool, and with option "unpitched solo percussion".

All regions lost their stereo sound (I think left channel was cloned), and most of them got horrible distortion.

I did some more tests after this. I tried to stretch original file to faster tempo with "smooth" option and got following error: "tempoize: error reading data from konsuli_loop_F.5@79 at 496108 (wanted 256, got 16)". I've got this error roughly three years ago with Ardour 2. Don't know what it means or what resulted it.
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2013-09-10 19:27

reporter   ~0015316

Bug disappeared when I copied audio files to the session. Earlier I just dragged and dropped files to the canvas and chosed "do not import audio to the session" when asked.

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