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0005603features2016-03-20 14:33
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Summary0005603: A different solution for choosing multiple inline plugin controls, may also work for automation and other areas
DescriptionI have found two areas in particular where choosing more than one parameter in Ardour can be more convoluted than it could be. These two areas are when choosing inline plugin controls and adding automation tracks. In both cases, if you want to choose more than one parameter, you have to keep going back to the menu to select more. This is ok if you only want to choose one but for choosing any more than that, it can be tedious. There is the option to show all but this can be overkill and it would be nice to have an in-between option.

I like the way Reaper does this when choosing automation tracks. A pop up window appears where you can tick off what you want, all in one go, no jumping back to and navigating menus to select more than one option.

Maybe there are other areas where this could work too but those are two that i find could be improved, especially when it comes to the inline plugin controls.
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2013-07-20 23:02


plugin control.png (85,107 bytes)
plugin control.png (85,107 bytes)

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automation.png (83,662 bytes)

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reaper.png (173,052 bytes)


2013-07-23 02:53

administrator   ~0015162

excellent suggestion, thank you.


2013-07-23 21:22

reporter   ~0015170

ahellquist has another application for how a reaper style window could be used -


2016-03-20 14:33

reporter   ~0018075

It could be done with minimal UI changes if those checkbox menu entries didn't close the menu. Navigate, click on ones desired, click outside menu to close.

Seems a simpler option than adding a popup which is basically a copy of a submenu.

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