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Summary0005554: Split MIDI by Pitch
DescriptionA fantastic feature to add for MIDI functionality would be the ability to split any MIDI region by note pitch. Specifically, this would be incredibly useful for MIDI drum sequences that were programmed onto one track (not an uncommon thing to do, especially when it's being programmed in real time via an electronic drum kit). When it comes time to mix, it would be extremely handy to simply split the track by pitch so that each different drum/crash/etc. would end up on its own track. Logic is the DAW that comes to mind that has this feature, and after using said feature once, I must admit it saves a TON of time when working with electronic drums. You can see how it works in the Logic Pro 9 manual:
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2013-06-27 20:55

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+ 1 on this. Especially with plugins like DrumGizmo showing real promise, this would be a hugely useful feature.

Pro Tools has a similar feature aswell called MIDI Event Split that might also be helpful for inspiration.

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