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0005459ardourfeaturespublic2016-10-26 20:54
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Product Version3.0 
Summary0005459: Do not disable audio when there is a feedback loop
DescriptionFeedback loops are sometimes purposefully created during mixing and serve a useful purpose.

In a session with a feedback loop detected, A3 disables audio when the session is re-opened: please remove this so that feedback loops can be used.

Perhaps instead of the flashing Feedback light a pop-up would be better, warning of the potential dire consequences of a feedback look and asking whether or not it has been created intentionally, with Yes leading to the audio not being disabled and No leading to the flashing Feedback light and audio being disabled until the loop is removed.
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2016-10-26 20:54

reporter   ~0018863

Would like to see this workflow possible as well.

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