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0005436ardourbugspublic2013-04-06 14:44
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Platformx86_64 (core i5)OSopenSUSE TumbleweedOS VersionLinux 3.7.2
Summary0005436: Plugins copied via drag-and-drop end up with duplicate controllable IDs, breaking MIDI controller assignment.
DescriptionThe subject says it all.
Steps To ReproduceStart a simple session, add three tracks.
In track one, add a simple plugin and make one of its controllables visible in the channel strip. Drag and drop this plugin into the second track to create a new instance.
In the third track, add another plugin (or the same, but via the plugin menu, not by d'n'd).
Now ctrl-midclick on the first track's controllable, the "operate controller now" window appears, and disappears after the controller message has been received.
Try the same on the second track, the operation will fail. You will have to click on the message to make it go away.
Observe how the controller is now bound to the second track!
As a cross-check, bind the controller in the third track, it should work as usual.

A look into the session file confirms that the d'n'ded plugin instances have duplicate controllable ids.
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