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Summary0005386: Ardour gives up on MIDI during heavy bounces. (Session attached.)

- Ardour3 from git
- Calf plugin pack with fluidsynth (I think that means enabling experimental plugins; not 100% sure.)
- MDA Piano from David Robillard's repository IIRC.

Steps to reproduce:

- Load the attached session.
- Open each of the Calf Fluidsynths, load your favorite GM soundfont, and set it to synth strings. (The patch probably doesn't matter, but it will make the problem more obvious.)
- Arm all of the audio tracks for recording and turn on global recording. (Yes, all of them; I'm bouncing rehearsal tracks and want to do them all at once instead of one-at-a-time.)
- Start the transport and make sure it's recording.
- After some seconds, or a minute or two, Ardour will stop doing MIDI things. Notes that are on will stay on; no new notes will start.
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