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0005371features2016-07-06 22:28
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Summary0005371: date format for export
DescriptionI would like to have a date format like "day / month /year".
In my country, the proposed format really make confusion.

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2014-10-06 11:32

reporter   ~0015907

Please, I really need to have a date format as: "day-month-year"!


2015-02-19 11:21

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2015-02-19 13:23

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I agree. MM-DD is primarily used in the US. DD-MM is far more widespread. In fact, it's the most commonly used format. It really should be included too. See here -

Also, it can be confusing to interpret the format from numbers. Would it make more sense for the options to use the YYYY-MM-DD type legend?


2016-07-01 18:49

reporter   ~0018266

Seriously, please, put the dd/mm/yyyy format, we need it!


2016-07-01 18:58

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I have since learned that the format used is an ISO standard, which happens to coincide with the US date format. I still however think it is confusing for those countries that don't use this format (the majority) and would prefer to keep the date in line with conventions in their countries.

Even better would be a user configurable date format so that users could use exactly what format they want. Perhaps something in the preferences dialog to include date formats, eg. %d/%m/%Y


2016-07-01 20:56

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Following what I have just read on the mailing lists, date formats in Ardour should follow locale settings. Apologies if my last statement was incorrect but I believe it was Ben who told me it was due to an ISO standard. Sorry if I misunderstood or misrepresented this information. Paul has said on the mailing list -

"In general, Ardour should use whatever your LOCALE settings indicate."

This doesn't work, at least for me. Locale for me shows -


Yet in Ardours export dialog, I get y/m/d/


2016-07-06 22:28

administrator   ~0018281

x42 explained this on the mailing list:

yes "/" is a not a valid character for file-names.

Currently Ardour only supports date/time formats standardized by ISO.

Using dashes DD-MM-YY is ambiguous with ISO YY-MM-DD and apart from that
it does not sort numerically nor is it a standard format. I don't see a
good solution.

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