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0005345ardourbugspublic2013-02-19 06:24
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Summary0005345: A3_rc2 "Use monitoring bus" option has no effect after session creation
DescriptionClicking / unclicking "Use monitor bus" has no effect on the current session. When a new session is created, the value set by the previously opened session is the one that is used for the entire session, regardless of how this option is changed.

So if the previous session has this selected, the monitoring section in the mixer window appears. Otherwise it does not, and will not appear by selecting this option.

This makes it impossible to add a monitoring bus to a session after it is created.

If this is not meant to be changed mid-session, this option should not appear in Edit->Preferences, and should instead appear in "Create Session" options (which it does not, although it did in previous versions).
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