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Summary0005340: Ardour 3.0 does not accept individual MIDI channels per track for instrument input (Live instrument hosting)
DescriptionCurrently Ardour 3 accepts ALL MIDI input channels when loading an instrument plugin on a MIDI track. This is not for recording the instrument but merely playing sound through the plugin from a MIDI Controller. If Ardour could accept individual channel routing directly to the instrument plugins it could be used as a Live host for instruments in a Live performance scenario. For example you have a piano instrument on track 1 and an organ on track 2, by selecting the MIDI channel on your MIDI Input Keyboard/Controller you could then change the instrument/sound being played in a Live performance.

Having this functionality in Ardour 3 would be unprecedented in the Linux Audio world and open it up to an important secondary purpose, with the instruments now available via LXVST and LV2 it could open up a lot of possibilities as a live instrument host. The ability to create, save and recall custom instrument track setups would be very easy for Live performers to utilize.
Additional Information*Discussed on IRC Feb 15/2013
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