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0005336ardourbugspublic2013-02-09 19:46
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Summary0005336: Plugin slider controls aren't consistent between mixer window and editor mixer
DescriptionI just noticed a problem with inconsistency between choosen plugin slider controls in the mixer window and the editor mixer

This problem is with Ardour RC2 rev 14024 although i have also noticed the same issue in the latest revision, 14056.

This issue seems to be consistent across mono and stereo tracks, midi tracks and mono/stereo bus tracks.

I have noticed that if you select a track in the editor window after you have added the parameter control in the mixer window, that the added plugin parameters shows up no problem but the issue shows up from there on in with the track you select in the editor window.
Additional InformationSteps -

- Start up new session and add a new track
- Add plugin to new track
- Select a plugin slider parameter control on either the mixer window or editor mixer - it will only show up in one ie. select the parameter in the mixer window and it won't show up in the editor window and vice versa.

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2013-02-09 19:46


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Plugin slider issue.png (28,182 bytes)   

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