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0005334ardourbugspublic2013-02-09 12:57
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Summary0005334: Shuttle speed strange behaviour when using "Listen to specific regions" tool
DescriptionArdour 3.0rc2 from rev. 14054M, gcc 4.7.2
Intel Celeron M processor, 1,50GHz. Mem. Total: 431 MB

This probably has to do with my computer rather than ardour but I think you might want to know about it.

Steps to reproduce it:
- Stereo track with three separate regions
- Monitor tool (Listen to specific regions)
- Put the speaker on a region, listen to it, wait for a few seconds, put the speaker on another region, listen to it. (as expected)
- Repeat the process very quickly.
- Speed control fails. (Playback slows down)
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