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0005328ardourfeaturespublic2014-12-28 22:45
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Summary0005328: new checkbox "change track height to largest when midi edit mode is engaged for a selected track/region"
DescriptionNew checkbox in preferences MIDI:

"change track height when midi edit mode is engaged" (or something like that.)

Function. When a region is selected, and midi edit mode is engaged (keybinding e), the track automatically increases height to "largest".

When midi edit mode is disengaged, the track height returns to the previous setting. (or small as a default, for example)

Use case.

When the user has recorded a lot of midi, and is making the next pass to start editing, it's likely that the editing session will include editing one region after another. The suggested function reduces the number of manual actions required in the session.
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2014-12-28 22:45

developer   ~0016128

I was thinking of a binding for "expand this track to maximum height" and "return to previously set height". Maybe a button in the header if there's room.

A bit more manual, but could also apply to automation (of either sort) and seems like it'd be less confusing than sizes jumping all over the place when you switch tools, which sounds nice in theory but I suspect would be pretty hard to get right.

Maybe that, plus an option to automatically do so on region select or something could be the best of both worlds?

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