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0005325ardourbugspublic2013-02-06 04:08
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Summary0005325: "Duplicate" feature name is misleading
Description"Duplicate region" should really be called "Clone region", because all changes to the original are applied to all siblings. This is highly destructive and can lead to data loss.

For duplicating, e.g. in MIDI tracks, the typical use case is taking an existing clip and modifying it to suit the composition needs. That's not what this function does.

To summarize:

- duplication means creating forking an existing region and not syncing it to the original
- cloning means creating a synced copy of the original region

Hence the function should be called "Clone".
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2013-02-06 03:41

administrator   ~0014632

"Duplicate" is carried over from audio-only version. The operation is not restricted to MIDI regions, but applies to any type of region.

duplication does *NOT* mean clone region is Session > Properties > Misc > MIDI Region copies are independent is enabled.

if you are working on a session where you want the behaviour you describe, just enable that setting. there are plenty of sessions where the current default behaviour is precisely what the doctor (or user) ordered.


2013-02-06 04:00

reporter   ~0014634

I'm sorry, but I think that making this behavior a session preference is over the top :) Both behaviors are perfectly legal and should be available along each other.


2013-02-06 04:08

administrator   ~0014635

We already have {Region} -> context click -> MIDI -> Unlink from other copies

We have *no* cloning of audio regions - the concept makes no sense at this time.

I understand this as a feature request, rather than a bug.

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