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0005320ardourfeaturespublic2013-02-02 08:02
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Summary0005320: change patch flags to little triangles
DescriptionFurther to a idea i put forward in IRC, as follows:

I've been thinking about program change flags, and how best to add them, particularly a cluster of them in a short space. i actually got to do some work this evening, and noticed that i keep stacking them up, until the text is illegible.

So my current thinking is: When a patch is added to a region, it only shows as a small triangle "hanging" from the top of the region. When the user mouses over them,the name of the patch pops up, but in addition, there's a new tab in the editor list that shows the patches for a selected track, and when the playhead "passes over" the little triangle, the patch name is highlighted in the "patch list" tab. (This is for a selected track, or region)

In the patch list tab, the user can edit the patches, or remove them.

An entry in the patch list tab should include the name of the patch, the time at which it occurs in the timeline (which is editable), and the bank and patch numbers.

When a patch triangle is "moused" over, or the entry in the patch list tab is selected, the triangle should change colour. In this "mode" the user can then click and drag the triangle left or right, and the entry in the patch list tab can be edited. Click away from the triangle, or deselcted the entry in the patch list, and the patch triangle retruns to normal colour. (whatever that might be)
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