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0005313ardourfeaturespublic2013-01-27 20:50
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Summary0005313: A new MIDI map to use 2xBCF2000 as a General MIDI Control Surface.
DescriptionI wrote a MIDI map to use 2 BCF2000 control surfaces as a 16 faders controller, set up as 15 channels and one Master with banks enabled.
Additional InformationThere are a couple of issues I've not managed to solve regarding the rec-enable/rec-disable functions and a couple of spare buttons if anyone has any suggestions what they should be used for. I created two new patches for each of the controllers to match the MIDI map and supply Sys Ex dumps for users to import to save on programming.
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2013-01-27 20:49 (13,024 bytes)

2013-01-27 20:50


ardour1-8.syx (12,897 bytes)

2013-01-27 20:50


ardour9-16.syx (12,974 bytes)


2013-01-27 20:50

reporter   ~0014608

I added the Sys Ex dumps.

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