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0005312ardourbugspublic2013-01-30 00:02
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Summary0005312: Imported A2 sessions are missing pan-settings and aux-routings
DescriptionWhen importing an A2 session, all pans are at 50% and none of the aux sends are connected to anything

version Ardour3.0rc2 (built using 14012 and GCC version 4.7.2)

IMHO this is a major issue since A2 is not fully supported anymore, even though it has important latency-compensation/track-syncing issues.
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2013-01-30 00:02

manager   ~0014619

confirmed. my suggested course of action would be to mention this very prominently in the release notes - after all, ardour2 and ardour3 seem to be able to co-exist peacefully. so keep your old version around for now.

but for 3.1, it sure would be nice to have this one fixed. i have loads of test sessions for people to tear their hair out over :-D

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