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0005309ardourfeaturespublic2013-01-25 04:44
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Summary0005309: Step Edit input behaviour improvement
DescriptionRecently, the backspace keybinding was added to remove notes input from step edit. (woot)

To take this further i suggest the following:

When a note is removed, the last note before that should be selected.
Currently when a note is removed, and TAB is used to select a note, it selects the first note in the region, which may be some distance away from where step input is taking place. If we're inputting at bar 32......

And the process of removal may be because a mistake has been made, and a new note is to be placed where the removed note previously resided. But at the moment, that "space" is ignored, and step input continues on regardless.

In most sequencers, the playback cursor is used as an edit point, and i suggest it be the same for Ardour. When a note is entered, the PB cursor should advance to the end of the note, and this implies that step input always occurs at the PB cursor (in effect, the edit point). Then, when a note is removed, and the previous note is selected (as above) the cursor jumps backwards to the end of that selected note, and step input continues from that point, and doesn't march on regardless, as it does now.

Using the PB cursor as a step input edit point has another advantage. If a "rest" is to be inserted (at a value set as grid designation, i.e. 1/8), then the PB cursor can be advanced by that value, and step inputting can continue, always using the PB cursor as the insert/edit point for any step inputted notes.
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