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0005305ardourfeaturespublic2013-01-24 21:24
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Summary0005305: initial selection of note with TAB key closest to the playhead.
DescriptionCurrently, we can initialize note selection in a region with the TAB key. (which is good)
In a "short" region with a few notes, this makes note navigation quick, without interrupting keyboard flow by reaching for the mouse and back to the qwerty again.

It becomes more problematic when the region is a long one with a lot of notes, as the first note in a region is always selected.

I suggest a feature (additional keybinding?) something like " select closest note to the playhead" (or edit point).
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Alex Stone

2013-01-24 19:46

reporter   ~0014601

Last edited: 2013-01-24 19:48

Suggested text for the manual should this be implemented:

When the playhead is selected as the edit point and midi edit mode is active, the note closest to the playhead can be selected with <keybinding>, when the playhead is within a region for a selected track.

Alex Stone

2013-01-24 21:24

reporter   ~0014605

Suggested keybinding:

Shift + Insert

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