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0005301ardourotherpublic2013-01-23 19:10
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Summary0005301: Proposal for better readability, Track height icons
DescriptionThe icons for track height with the minimal + and - between the bars is in my opinion not very clear when at distance from computer. I changed the icons to check if they could be more different and I think I made an improvement.

If people agree, we could change it maybe.
Additional InformationAttached three screen shots. Before and after and close up
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2013-01-23 19:09


Before.png (221,377 bytes)   
Before.png (221,377 bytes)   

2013-01-23 19:09


After.png (221,668 bytes)   
After.png (221,668 bytes)   

2013-01-23 19:10


TrackHight.png (24,643 bytes)   
TrackHight.png (24,643 bytes)   

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