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0005291ardourbugspublic2013-01-21 15:02
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Summary0005291: JACK Zombification dialog is obscured, which looks like a deadlock.
DescriptionWhen Ardour gets zombified by JACK, it pops up a modal dialog informing the user that Ardour has been disconnected from JACK. This dialog will have focus and needs to be acknowledged before any other Ardour window will accept user input.

However, it will usually be occluded by other Ardour windows such as plugin GUIs or patch editors which are set to "always on top" by Ardour.
So to a less than perfectly informed user who knows she has to drag any other windows away (because they won't respond to clicking the [X] close button) until the modal dialog is on top, the situation will look like an Ardour deadlock, since Ardour is apparently not responding to _any_ user input.

This is unfortunate, because the situation is in fact perfectly recoverable - after the dialog has been closed, Ardour can reconnect successfully to JACK, allowing the session to be continued and saved.
Steps To ReproduceStart JACK with some insane timing that just about works on your machine. Then start a complicated Ardour session. Open any Ardour subwindow that is "always on top", such as a plugin GUI or connection editor. Wait for Ardour to be zombified (obviously, this needs JACK1 with zombification enabled). Zombification can sometimes be triggered by toggling the CPU speed while Ardour is very busy.

When it happens, observe the info window is obscured. To recover, drag away the occluding window, confirm the zombification warning, and reconnect to JACK.
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2013-01-21 13:13

administrator   ~0014519

should be fixed in rev 5291


2013-01-21 13:40

manager   ~0014525

Thanks. Will report as soon as I get zombified again :)


2013-01-21 15:02

manager   ~0014535

Yup, fixed.

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