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0005286ardourbugspublic2013-01-22 00:04
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Summary0005286: The track record buttons need simpler colors, please!
DescriptionWith the new flashy color-gradient design, it's very hard to see at a glance whether a track is disarmed, armed, or recording. Please give me back the ugly pink and firetruck red, because that was easy to see. :)

Ok, I can see how you might want it better looking than that, but when designing buttons, please bear in mind the following:
During tracking, the engineer is not always in front of her display, but might be eying it from an odd angle, where TFTs make colors very hard to discern.
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2013-01-21 13:36

administrator   ~0014523

should be much better in 13945, but you can always tweak this to match your own personal eye impairments:

Window > Theme Manager > Record Enable Button


2013-01-21 13:48

manager   ~0014527

good to know it's tweakable. however, it still suffers from what i call the yamaha disease: it's hard to know what the state the button is in unless you toggle it.

armed: two shades of red with gradient.
unarmend: two shades of red with gradient.
armed and recording: two shades of red with gradient.

specifically, the armed/unarmed contrast is too subtle. once it goes into writing, the deep red is pretty good visual confirmation, but it's the arming you need to see at a glance - this is where you lose takes. i usually realize it early on, but even so, it creates unnecessary stress for the artists.

suggestion: make the unarmed state plain gray, like the other buttons, maybe with a desaturated red dot.


2013-01-21 13:50

manager   ~0014528

oh, and while i'm nitpicking: the blinking master record button is very, very annoying, because the current shading makes it sort of jump up and down when it blinks.

just brain dumping here, i guess i should attempt to fix it myself (at last, an ardour problem within my grasp!) will try tomorrow.


2013-01-21 13:54

administrator   ~0014531

first of all, try this: rm ~/.config/ardour3/ardour3_ui.conf

you must remove this file whenever testing new system colors.


2013-01-22 00:04

manager   ~0014545

ah, thanks, much better! that fixes the issue for me. i still don't like the blinking transport record button, but i'm going to shut up about it until i've figured out how to tweak that myself. thanks for the speedy resolution!

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